Apex One: Add Endpoint Sensor Service to existing installation.

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According to Trend Micro: SQL 2016 SP2 or higher.
But SQL 2019 is currently (at this time of writing this article) not supported. If you wish to run 2019 install 32 &64 bit DAC: https://success.trendmicro.com/solution/000239727
Make sure you have the feature "Full-Text & Semantic Extractions for Search" installed.
If you have your current Apex One databases on a SQL <2016 SP2 running, you have to migrate these to the new SQL server first and reconnect them.
Migration can be done by stopping the services on the server and create a backup (e.g. by SQL Management Studio) and restore these on the new server, after you created the users on the new sql server.
When creating the users thick off "password expiration" and make sure the apexone db user has still access to the master.


Hard to find, but you can follow the tabel below

Reconnect databases

Apex One

On the Apex One server computer, browse to <Server installation folder>\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\SQL.
Double-click SQLTxfr.exe to run the tool.
The Apex One SQL Server Database Configuration console opens.
Specify the Server name as follows: <host name or IP address of the SQL Server>,<port_number>\<instance name>
Provide the authentication credentials for the SQL Server database.
When using the Windows Account to log on to the server, Apex One applies the User name of the currently logged on user.
Specify the Apex One Database name on the SQL Server.
Optionally, perform the following tasks:
Click Test Connection to verify the authentication credentials for the existing SQL Server or database.
Click Start to apply the configuration changes.

Apex Central

D:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\Control Manager\DBConfig>DBConfig.exe -DBName="db_ApexCentral" -DBAccount="DBUSER" -DBPassword="CHANGEME" -Mode="SQL" -DBHOST="FQDN.DOMAIN"

Modify current installation

Best way is to rerun the full installation package and choose "install endpoint sensor service" 
When the installation was successful, you will find a new database on the sql server and 2 new trendmicro services.


When all this is done, patch your installation to patch2 level, before deploying the licenses.
When you finish upgrading to 2146, you can verify the DB also has the correct version by running the following query:
The result of that query should be same as the patch installed: 14.0.2146
Deploy the license now to your Apex One server

Afterwards you can patch to patch3 level.
Note: If you have SQL clustering enabled or DB mirroring, please always disable before installing a new patch as this cause DB corruption with the hotfixes.

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